Reason and Evidence

We base our arguments on reason and empirical evidence with a strong appreciation for the scientific method. We aim to be transparent about both, risks and benefits.

Personal Growth

We consider psychedelic experiences as catalysts for personal growth, not as a means to their own end. For that matter, we equally embrace pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological approaches of inducing altered states of consciousness. In all cases, we encourage safe practices that include (1) intention: being clear what you want to achieve, (2) preparation: being mindful of set and setting and (3) integration: carrying the learnings from a psychedelic experience over into your everyday life.

Safety and Harm-Reduction

We neither promote nor condemn the use of psychedelic substances. Rather, we offer educational resources and engage in harm-reduction practices to maximize the safety and well-being of our community. Ultimately, we respect the sovereignty of the individual.

Full Acknowledgement of the Law

While we favor a reconsideration of drug policies, we also fully acknowledge them as the status quo. Hence, we do not provide illegal substances, nor do we allow their distribution at our events.

Come as You Are

The Vienna Psychedelic Society is neither a secret club nor a new age subculture; we are common people with common lives. We are students and professionals, scientists and intellectuals, activists and reformers; we have families and careers; we are many things beyond our interests in psychedelics.