Psychedelic Society of Vienna

We foster an evidence-based dialogue about the true risks and benefits of psychedelic substances.

About Us

The Vienna Psychedelic Society aims to cultivate an open-minded approach to non-ordinary states of consciousness and their healing potential. For that matter we organize regular meetups and events where you can raise questions, speak frankly or simply connect to like-minded people.

What We Do


Once a month we host a meetup where we invite speakers and cover interesting topics. It’s the opportunity for regulars to catch up and for new people to get to know us and our work.

Building Expertise

For those who wish to go deeper we offer expert talks and workshops around special focus topics.


Our community is a safe environment for you to connect with like-minded people where you can share your thoughts and ideas. Get to know our values.


We see ourselves as enabler of community-driven projects such local charitable work, research projects and international conferences.

Meetups in Vienna

Don’t miss our next Meetup @AberJa (Gumpendorfer Str. 65, 1060 Vienna). We are looking forward to another great evening with you and interesting conversations.


For those of you who want to dig deeper into the world of psychedelia, we organize workshops and talks on a regular basis. Come and check out our workshop calendar:

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Become a Volunteer

You want to engage with a purpose driven group of people and help building and shaping the Psychedelic Society Vienna? Then write us and join our team.

Here are some common questions about The Psychedelic Society of Vienna


I had a psychedelic experience that shook up my life and now I don’t know how to deal with it. Can you help me?


Yes. We have a broad network of professionals who may be able to help you. Furthermore we run Psychedelic Integration Circles where you can share your story and get help from peers. Come to our next meetup and talk to us.


I have no personal experiences with psychedelic substances. Can I still come to your events?


Yes of course! People from all walks of life are represented in our community.


Can I buy psychedelic substances at your events?


We strictly do not provide illegal substances, nor do we allow their distribution at our events.


Are your events held in English language


Yes, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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